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Return/onward ticket required

When you check in for your flight to the Philippines, you will be asked for a valid return or at least a printed ticket proving that the traveler will leave the Philippines again. 

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We offer a free WiFi access for our guests in the rooms and bungalows as well as in the cocktail bar.

Internet Bookings

The amount of guests booking via internet online agents is increasing. You can book your stay in the Bohol Sea Resort with such agents. But are these agents really as cheap as they seem? Unfortunately not always! read more...


Diving courses for beginners



Scuba Discovery

for the beginner

This diving course is ideal for anyone interested in an introduction to scuba diving. Following a short introduction of the key theoretical aspects and rules, the use of the equipment and a training in safe, shallow water you will go diving in the open water and experience the fascinating coral reef and its inhabitants.

Dates & price


Price 60 Euro (SDI or PADI)

Scuba Diver

for beginners

The two day Scuba Diver course was introduced and is intended for interested students, that simply do not have the time available to complete the whole Open Water Diver course. The Scuba Diver course has theory, pool sessions and two training dives in the open water and will be completed with the certification as a PADI Scuba Diver. As such, you are allowed to dive up to 12 meters under the direct supervision of a PADI Instructor. Since the theory and practical sessions are basically the first part of the Open Water Diver course, you can simply complete the missing parts later (max. one year later) to become an Open Water Diver.

Dates & price


Price 220 Euro (PADI)


Open Water Diver

for beginners

International accepted 4 day course for beginners. This course will ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to dive up to 18 meters depth without additional supervision.

The course includes 2 days of theory, some pool sessions and 2 days of open water dives (4 training dives total). In the open water you will continue to apply your skills practiced safely in the pool and can enjoy the colorful and fascinating coral reef and its species. The course is completed with the certification as Open Water Diver, which is accepted worldwide.

Dates & price


Price 355 Euro (PADI or SDI)