• Bohol Sea Resort in Panglao, Bohol City, Philippines
  • Bohol Sea Resort in Panglao, Bohol City, Philippines
  • Bohol Sea Resort in Panglao, Bohol City, Philippines

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Dive Sites

Bohol Sea Resort

Bohol Sea Resort in Panglao brings you closer to the province’s top tourist spots. Discover the scenic beauty and distinct charm of Bohol by visiting these local attractions.

  • Balicasag Sanctuary

    Found in the west of Danao Beach, this is a deep coral wall starting at 3-meter depth and going down to up to 60 meters. The wall offers a good chance to find various nudibranch, eels, frogfish, scorpion fish, and leaf fish. It is also a famous spot for the cleaning station of jackfish, grouper, and wrasse.

  • Rudy’s Rock

    Rudy’s Rock is nestled at one of the many cluster dive points within the southeast region of Balicasag. It is about 12 kilometers from Belleview Rock Resort, around 30 minutes transfer via motorized boat. This dive spot is ideal for PADI open water divers.

    Splendid sites are visible straight away at a depth of around 15 meters. There is a diversity of soft and hard corals and sporadic big eye trevallies drift beyond in groups or swim in large circles making flurries similar to underwater whirlwinds. Midnight snappers, sweetlip fish, and green turtles are also spotted here.

  • Royal Garden

    This coral plateau is a color festival, with turtles, schools of fish, and lots of macro life. Royal Garden is the kind of site where you can spend over an hour shallower than 10 meters deep and never get bored once. Off the plateau, a gentle slope heads out: take your time and check for camouflaged and half-burried marine life. This is an ideal site for first-timers and underwater photographs.

  • Divers Heaven

    This coral wall has more overhands and indentations and is relatively shallower than the Balicasag Sanctuary. Sightings of whip corals and thousands of small reef fish are common in the shallow parts. Like the Black Forest, this is typically a drift dive. Look out also for turtles, giant barracuda, and blue-fin trevallies.

  • Black Forest

    This is a coral-covered slope starting at roughly 5-meter depth going down to over 30 meters. It is famous for the black corals that thrive in the area. Towards the end of the dive, you will encounter a multitude of small colorful fish and wonderful corals.

  • Doljo

    Sheltered from the strong southwest wind, this site is a deep coral wall with giant gorgonians at 35-meter depth. Going slowly along the wall will occasionally let you find giant frogfish, plenty of nudibranch, and other wonderful creatures. Sightings of reef sharks have been reported in the deeper parts of Doljo. It is about 40-minutes away by boat from Danao Beach.

  • Puntod

    It has wonderful steep walls with gorgonians and soft corals, trevally, squids, and sea snakes.

  • Gak-Ang

    This site is a vertical wall that reaches about 25 meters and starts at 5-meter depth. In here, you can find an abundance of beautiful soft corals, sea fans, giant frogfish, clown frog fish, banner fish, and a lot of macro life.

  • Arco Point

    A 15-minute boat ride from Danao Beach will bring you to this site known as the Hole in the Wall. It is a shallow dive spot with maximum 25-meter depth. This spot is a wall dive with a nice and lively sandy area at the bottom. The Hole in the Wall refers to a small cave where you can dive through. It is common to see giant frogfish, nudibranch, slugs, moray eel, and snake eels in this spot.

  • Blue Water

    This site is a terraced wall covered with hard and soft corals. Huge table corals are found on the top reef. Blue Water is an excellent spot to just enjoy the underwater scenery.